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Webcam I-5 at 134th St in Vancouver, WA

I-5 at 134th St
Vancouver, WA

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I enjoy watching the weather and built a webpage that pops up when I load my browser. It displays the current temp and forecast, and the view from the traffic webcam nearest my home.

The following are random images I collected over the years. It started with one I wanted to show a friend, and then another, and...

Peter Christensen

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The Coca Cola truck from the TV ads at Christmastime?  YouTube Video

Red, green, and yellow traffic lights, and a blue police light

Mars Attack! Martian ray beam misses vehicles.

The treetops look like castle spires


The only time in over a decade I saw no vehicles on the roads

George and Martha

Great Mysteries

No idea what this is. It looks like a southbound train stacked with barrels.

What would cause all this white light? It looks like time-lapse photography.

Ask yourself what you are seeing before reading the text below.

The image above was captured during the construction of the 139th Street overpass, which explains the numerous traffic barrels on the roadway. Most guess that the image shows a northbound truck about to pass through a tunnel, perhaps a temporary structure built to protect motorists from falling construction debris.

In fact, it is a southbound truck and the "tunnel" is an optical illusion caused by extreme differences in the temporary lighting installed to aid nighttime workers.

The image below shows approximately the same camera view.

Pretty Lights

Police emergency

Rainbow lampposts


Seasonal Colors




What is the yellow blob?

Nighttime Raindrops


Pretty snow, pretty lights


Wildfire Smoke

September 2020

Smoke from WA and OR wildfires

Morning fog and smoke

September 13, 2020

Current Reading

Cloud Shadows


The first image looks like just a car fire with a pigeon watching. But in the second image, you can see that it's become something much more with the car blocked in and surrounded by police vehicles.

12:24 PM car fire

12:44 PM police action

Accident involving school bus

Flat tire

Big Trucks et al

I've never made a point of looking at the webcam; I just notice it from time to time. So it's no surprise that it took a decade to capture a dozen images of unusually large trucks.

However, when I looked over the images I was very surprised to find multiple images of the same trucks, each at the same place on the highway.

No load truck – February 2011

No load truck – August 2011

Lumber truck – November 2011

Lumber truck – August 2012

Work Crews

Looking Around


Public Storage

Rare look west

Northbound I-5 off-ramp at 134th Street

Black & White


Note the beautiful colors in the sky, worthy of a Monet oil painting

Note double text

139th Street Overpass Construction

in Chronological Order

Early images of water retention basin

First images of construction